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Miko, Bee and Raf watching Transformers 2 by TyrannosaurusPrime Miko, Bee and Raf watching Transformers 2 :icontyrannosaurusprime:TyrannosaurusPrime 11 9 SPOILERS: TFP You don't say? by TyrannosaurusPrime SPOILERS: TFP You don't say? :icontyrannosaurusprime:TyrannosaurusPrime 17 9 :SPOILER: Sentinel Prime by TyrannosaurusPrime :SPOILER: Sentinel Prime :icontyrannosaurusprime:TyrannosaurusPrime 33 70 Iguanodon bernissartensis by TyrannosaurusPrime Iguanodon bernissartensis :icontyrannosaurusprime:TyrannosaurusPrime 5 2 Torvosaurus tanneri by TyrannosaurusPrime Torvosaurus tanneri :icontyrannosaurusprime:TyrannosaurusPrime 6 11 Tarbosaurus bataar by TyrannosaurusPrime Tarbosaurus bataar :icontyrannosaurusprime:TyrannosaurusPrime 5 0 Parasaurolophus walkeri by TyrannosaurusPrime Parasaurolophus walkeri :icontyrannosaurusprime:TyrannosaurusPrime 3 2 Diplodocus carnegeii by TyrannosaurusPrime Diplodocus carnegeii :icontyrannosaurusprime:TyrannosaurusPrime 1 0 Giraffatitan brancai by TyrannosaurusPrime Giraffatitan brancai :icontyrannosaurusprime:TyrannosaurusPrime 3 0 Allosaurus fragilis and atrox by TyrannosaurusPrime Allosaurus fragilis and atrox :icontyrannosaurusprime:TyrannosaurusPrime 7 4 Triceratops horridus by TyrannosaurusPrime Triceratops horridus :icontyrannosaurusprime:TyrannosaurusPrime 3 2 Male T. rex by TyrannosaurusPrime Male T. rex :icontyrannosaurusprime:TyrannosaurusPrime 4 4 Female T. rex by TyrannosaurusPrime Female T. rex :icontyrannosaurusprime:TyrannosaurusPrime 8 6 Lufengosaurus magnus skeleton4 by TyrannosaurusPrime Lufengosaurus magnus skeleton4 :icontyrannosaurusprime:TyrannosaurusPrime 0 0 Lufengosaurus magnus skeleton3 by TyrannosaurusPrime Lufengosaurus magnus skeleton3 :icontyrannosaurusprime:TyrannosaurusPrime 0 0 Lufengosaurus magnus skeleton2 by TyrannosaurusPrime Lufengosaurus magnus skeleton2 :icontyrannosaurusprime:TyrannosaurusPrime 1 6


Deinocheirus in 'Don't Forget to Duck' by Valia2305 Deinocheirus in 'Don't Forget to Duck' :iconvalia2305:Valia2305 77 81
This is it, my full-spoiler review for "The Last Knight". I saw it on Thursday, the first day it arrived here in the UK, and it was MENTAL
:bulletred::bulletorange::bulletyellow: !! SPOILERS !! SPOILERS !! SPOILERS !!
Hahahahahaaaaaaa now I've had a few days for my poor brain to calm down, here's my spoilery review for Transformers 5 : Tranformers X-TREME. I knew I was in for a ride when the fireballs started flying before the Paramount logo had finished loading :headbang:
==== WHAT HAPPENS ====
According to the Bayformers lore there have been Transformers on Earth for thousands of years, the first official contact was in Egypt 16,000 years ago. Long before that the Creators tried to terraform Earth and caused the Great Cretaceous Extinction 65 million years ago. This movie starts off in England during the time of King Arthur and his Knights
:iconrazziembessai:RazzieMbessai 2 14
Heroic Bots by Golby2 by CWingSyun Heroic Bots by Golby2 :iconcwingsyun:CWingSyun 73 12 All Hail Megatron (2016) by CWingSyun All Hail Megatron (2016) :iconcwingsyun:CWingSyun 48 6 All Hail Optimus Prime (2016) by CWingSyun All Hail Optimus Prime (2016) :iconcwingsyun:CWingSyun 54 8 eustreptospondylus portrait by tnilab-ekneb121 eustreptospondylus portrait :icontnilab-ekneb121:tnilab-ekneb121 132 11 Contemplation by T-PEKC Contemplation :icont-pekc:T-PEKC 83 17 A day at the beach by JonaGold2000 A day at the beach :iconjonagold2000:JonaGold2000 124 71
Is Rogue One an influential movie?
Personally, I do really feel like Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is already proving itself to be an influential movie. Or at least has the potential of becoming an influential movie. But to be fair, you will only know that for sure 5-10 years into the future. Avengers is 5 years old already, and we already know for certain that's a very influential movie. Heck, it most likely helped movies like Rogue One to get made.
But okay, so what are my arguments for this personally? Well, Rogue One was a box office success, which is a big contributing factor to what I'm about to say. Because first of all, it shows studios we want more Star Wars spin-off movies. This will lead to them doing all kinds of spin-off stories we could have only imagined in our wildest dreams before.
Second, it shows studios that we are fine with a movie ending with all the main characters dying.
Third, it shows studios we
:iconkurvosvicky:KurvosVicky 2 14
A Field Guide to Mesozoic Twitter Birds by Albertonykus A Field Guide to Mesozoic Twitter Birds :iconalbertonykus:Albertonykus 62 11 Optimus Prime (G1 ROTDS Robot) by Barricade24 Optimus Prime (G1 ROTDS Robot) :iconbarricade24:Barricade24 22 0 Vigilante from Auca Mahuevo by Midiaou Vigilante from Auca Mahuevo :iconmidiaou:Midiaou 126 22 Ironhide (WFC Robot) by Barricade24 Ironhide (WFC Robot) :iconbarricade24:Barricade24 10 0 Animated Bayformers Bumblebee Sketch by ConstantScribbles Animated Bayformers Bumblebee Sketch :iconconstantscribbles:ConstantScribbles 20 6



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